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The Menehune are the legendary wee people who live in the deep forests and hidden valleys of the Hawaiian Islands.  Hawaii’s lengendary mystical and shy forest dwellers are small in size (about 3 feet tall), but according to legend, very industrious master builders that use their strength to accomplish mighty feats of engineering and construction overnight.  They are also known at Menehune Coffee for working diligently through the night harvesting, processing, roasting, and packaging up all of the wonderful 100% Kona coffee especially for you.  So we invite you to taste the fruits of the Menehunes’ labor by taking home some 100% Kona coffee to start your day.

Today's Coffee Prices

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$1.75 PAID NOW/lb Check back soon!

Latest Happenings at the Farm

Farmers Appreciation

Thank you to everyone that helped us show our appreciation for our farmers last night! All of us from Menehune Coffee Company had a great time at the cherry drop off station!

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    • The Menehunes just posted Farmers Appreciation, read it here: http://t.co/or0r8Vbj 2 years ago

    • It's raining in the jungle and the Menehune are sleepy. Time for more Kona coffee! 2 years ago

    • Menehune coffee is open till midnight tonight. Come in and get a late night snack and/or coffee. 2 years ago

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